Temporary Error (502)

Is anyone else besides me when logging into gmail get this 502 message

Temporary Error (502)

We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is currently experiencing errors. You won’t be able to use your account while these errors last, but don’t worry, your account data and messages are safe. Our engineers are working to resolve this issue.

Please try accessing your account again in a few minutes.

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Nope... Gmail works magic for me time in and time out.

And about your offer for your ad, I'm not a legal adult yet... -_- though I'll add some of your other blogs on blogroll for more links.

I;m getting the same error too. What's weird is I can download the email to MS Outlook just fine.

I only get it whenever I use the Gmail Drive Windows Shell extension to download a file from my Gmail profile. The web-based Gmail is just fine.

I have not got the same message as you posted, igoogle page has been acting strangely as of lately, if i reload the page it seems to work okay....not the usual google but we do love Google.

Yes, I am! And it's annoyingly annoying.

For the past few days I have not been able to get into my gmail account. It's a good thing I don't use that one as much as my yahoo account. I don't get the error I get a blank page while FF tries to open it.