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It's time I have another great,awesome,and huge contest.I decided since it was my bday on the 10th why not give back to my readers and gain some more readers also.Well I decited to Give away $1000.00 in cash.

There is only one way to enter and thats to subscribe to my blog and write about this contest on your blog.When you subscribe below each email address you enter gets you one chance at winning so tell your family and friends to come join the contest!
The other way to gain a entry is to write about it on your website,myspace,facebook,blog,ect.

The only way it was possiable to give away $1000.00 cash is by my advertisements they done well the last 2 months i had this site.I suggest to visit some to help sponsor the contest they are located to the left and also at the bottom of this post.

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You can copy this simple code below and paste it to you site.Once you blog about it or write about it post the contest in the comment section below.

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Yey first to join? haha blog about it here

Great!!! your the first!! ill give u 10 more entries also!!

Every 10th person to post here gets 10 free entires

Hi i have added your post on my blog ,
Can you please give more detail on this contest on when does it end and if i make entries through blogging and if i add my friends emails will i get credited or should i add each time i add an email with the mail id here .

I actually have no way of knowing who joins and where from.If you add your friends emails just post them here and when the activate the account i will credit you.

This contest will last a month maybe 2 months if the winner doesn't claim the prize!

Sorry for that really noobish english i was talking to my friend on the phone while i was posting this comment . Gosh i just read it . I am like woa . Ok i will add that up on my blog . Thank you

Will be seeing you real soon.

Posted about it and subscribed. My name linked to the contest page.

I'm a subscriber! Blogged:

How about extra entries for the first 10 people? :)


bunnybox9 at lycos . com

I'm a subscriber! Hehe~ Here's my post :

And Happy Belated Birthday! ^^

Thanks Sena I had a great 22nd Bday!

Have subscribed by email and here's my post:



I am subscribed and have blogged about the giveaway at :

Thanks for the chance, Hope I win!!!!

If my other post shows up then please disregard this one, but I am posting to say that I am subscribed and have blogged about this giveaway at:

Hi, I posted the contest on my blog and subscribed! Thanks for the chance to win!

I subscribed and Posted 08/12/2008. Great contest!! I hope I win..I really need the money...Thanks for the opp!!!

Already subscribed by email.
Blogged at:

I'm already subscribed and I posted on my blog here:

So what happen if I'm already a subscriber? Does it count?


Hello, subscribed to your blog and blogged about it here:

Btw, there doesn't seem to be a way to add your email address to these posts here?

Hi, Happy belated birthday! I've subscribed and blog it here :

Am I in the top 10 to post? :P
There's my post,and I am already subscribed!

Already subscribed in your Reader That is how I got here.

You did not state how long the contest runs??

Posted on my blog

Every 10th person to post here gets 10 free entires

Makes me number 20 I hope

I'm In... Good Luck to Me! eheh :-)

my entry and I am already a subscriber using hotmail.

Good luck

subscribed only, can't blog about it though, hoping to consider this entry too :)

Blogged and subscribed!

Here is my entry:

I also subscribed to your blog. I did not follow your custom posting, I made my unique post plus I made the image to link back to your post when clicked.

Thanks for this cool and generous opportunity to all of us, bloggers.

Subscribed and blogged at

I've blogged about it in the link above.

I'm already subscribed to you via email before. It's unplugandplay at gmail dot com. Please check. Thanks and more power!