USB Golf Putt Returner Gadget

There’s something crazy about golfing and USB, the ideas for coming up with fun and weird products related to this never seem to end.This little desktop gadget allows you to demonstrate your golfing skills and challenge your friends to a mini golfing challenge.I love to write about goofy usb gadgets so If you know of any please let me know!!

Plug your Putt Returner into your computer’s USB port. This will automatically activate the game. Place the ball on your desk a short distance away from the Putt Returner and carefully line up your putt. Strike the ball smoothly with your miniature putter. If you hole your putt the ball will be sent right back to you!
Vary the distance and angle of your putts for a never-ending challenge!

Pack Contains:

* 1 USB Putt Returner with flag
* 2 Miniature putters
* 6 Miniature golf balls

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waaa cool...nice information
how much is it?

$21.00 and you can get it at