Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Great Modern Military Technology

http://www.crunchnow.com/One of the goals of modern military technology is unmanning the front lines, which means using robots or some other manner of remote-controlled solution to take the place of soldiers in an initial defensive effort. Reducing the overall casualty rate of military personnel in the field simultaneously provides covert intelligence about the nature and location of the enemy. One possible scenario where an unmanned vehicle would be useful is:

You are on a ship off the coast of an enemy seaside military base. They do not know you are there. You want to find out more about what’s going on in the base, for example what defensive measures are in place there. Instead of sending a small boat with soldiers to shore to see if it is safe to attack you send a small, remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle with a camera to take pictures and live video feed of the base. The unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV returns back safely with intelligence that helps you plan an effective attack while minimizing the risk of human loss.

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