Tron Italian Two-Seater Electric Car

When I saw the first pictures for this Italian two-seater electric car, all I could think of was Tron. At this point, the Eco-Fun is just as virtual as anything that appeared in the movie, but I wish the car from Italian designer Simone Cistulli was the real thing.The concept car is a two-person vehicle and because it's electric, it's zero-emission. (yeah, yeah, as zero-emission as electric power, which doesn't come free, can be).

When you look at the first picture, you may think the car can only fit two weirdly shaped occupants. But if you look at the second picture, you can see that the car was designed like a two-seater tricycle, one person behind the driver. It might become a more popular configuration. VW Has promised that it will produce a car with seats in this configuration in the next couple years.

There is a spherical front wheel and support in the back with two large covered rear wheels. The design is all about making the Eco-Fun as aerodynamic as possible and there are some real innovations here. The rear wheels are hub-less which means there's no axle going through the car. That makes it possible to put a porthole within each of the large diameter rear wheel.

Who knows if Eco-Fun will ever be the real deal? But it's fun to look at and imagine that one day we'll all be zipping around in electric cars as cool looking as these ones

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