Th!nk Ox Concept Green Car All Electric,95% Recycled

How green can a car really get well really green if you ask me? What about one which features a lot of recycled materials as part of the design? That's the idea behind the Th!nk Ox concept car, unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva International Motor Show.What makes the Th!nk Ox interesting as a concept is that 95% of the interior is made of recyclable materials. Those materials aren't specifically spelled out, but I have to imagine you won't grow a third eye while you are driving this car.

The Ox, built on an EV platform similar to other Th!nk EVs, is a fully electric, five seater passenger vehicle. Design touches include a solar panel on the roof to either keep the car cooled while turned off or perhaps power the sound system, an upright tailgate which tries to provide more luggage space, large interior glass surfaces and in-built computer screens to provide all necessary systems information.

The designers of this concept vehicle see it being capable of going 0-60 in under 8.5 seconds and having a maximum speed of under 85 MPH. Driving ranges are said to be around 125 miles combined highway and city summer driving and 155 miles for strict city touring. A sports version of the Ox is seen going even faster and further.