PLX Kiwi Tells You How to Drive Boosts Your MPGs Saves you Green

PLX Kiwi Tells You How to Drive Boosts Your MPGs Saves you Green
So you want to save money and play around at the same time.
These days, almost everyone Needs to know how to save gas and money.And as usual,we want to know how to do that easily and lazy.A fun new toy,the PLX Kiwi,is the solution on how you can get that much closer to being a hypermiler.Using sophisticated software in an easy plug-n-play device, the Kiwi plugs into your car’s diagnostic port. It then registers driving habits that waste fuel and tells you what you need to do to get better mileage. Smoothness, drag, acceleration and deceleration are all taken into account, and by paying attention to what score the Kiwi gives in these areas, the average user can alter driving habits and notice a 20% improvement in their gas mileage in just a couple days.

Any car newer than 1996 can use the Kiwi, and even hybrids and alternative fuel cars can become more efficient with the handy gadget. The tiny devise is about the size of a cell phone, and consumes 2 watts of power to operate. Plus, it’s way more sleek looking than the Drivemaster Pro, and the name Kiwi is way more fun.

It looks like using this would make driving so much fun, and a great challenge to see how far you can get a gallon of gas to go. But it also seems like it’d be a little distracting. I’d be so tempted to just watch the screen to see how I’m scoring on green driving, rather than watching the road! But, when you add this to your armory of other gas-saving devices and tricks available, you’re set to be a hypermiler!

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