MTI Micro’s Mobion Fuel Cells Have Hroken a New record – the power pack has hit over 2,700 hours of Continuous use on a Cell Phone Wow

MTI Micro’s Mobion fuel cells have broken a new record Nice– the power pack has hit over 2,700 hours of continuous use on a cell phone.They’ve been testing out the fuel cells with intent to demonstrate just how much energy their battery can get over Li-Ion power packs. And they can check that off their to-do list also. A lab test version lasted 2,700 hours of continuous use with a power degradation of less than 15%.The Incredible low power degradation rate is in and of itself a breakthrough in the micro fuel cell industry. But that isn’t the exciting part.....

Li-Ion batteries can lose up to 50% of their capacity after about 1,200 hours of use, which is the average amount of time talked over an average 2-year contract. So essentially, the Mobion fuel cell battery can last – on a single “charge” – twice the amount of talk time used over the course of 2 years. That’s some serious talk time. I’m getting flashes of that phone commercial with the bubbly teen girl chatting non-stop.

The fuel cell uses liquid methanol cartridges – liquid methanol being energy dense, easy to store, and safer than hydrogen, with the byproducts being water and CO2 released in small amounts.

MTI Micro has partnered with NeoSolar (WiBrain) to build prototypes for the consumer market, looking to make the Mobion available for all sorts of NeoSolar's handheld gadgets. They already have prototype digital camera and MP3 player batteries, and are working on a GPS unit. And the companies are working together to build a prototype of an ultra-mobile PC powered by fuel cells.

Just imagine pretty much never needing to recharge your gadget for a couple years, and not needing a charger cord at all. Nice. Now that is something I’m really looking forward to............

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