Japan Invents the Floating Bathtub Disinfectant

The first time I seen this product and it's abilities I thought it was Quite brilliant.This is a water disinfectant it floats in your bathtub, it’d be great for those that find it gross lying in their own muck.Personally,I question how clean my bathtub really is.However,I soon discovered they weren’t exactly using this little floating bulb for that reason.You see,this is yet another creation from Japan, Now Japaneses love to invent I wrote a article on the Weirdest gadgets and gizmos that they build.It’s meant so that after you’re finished soaking in the tub, you can then get out and allow the next person to use the water.

It actually takes it a couple of minutes to disinfect, so it’s pretty much useless for anyone but those that share or recycle water.I am fully aware that it is much more eco-friendly,I just don’t know that I’m quite ready to dive into the green movement that much. The device has a light that will begin blinking as soon as it is done cleaning up the water.Then the next person can hop in.It will be available in Japan, as of July 22nd for 3800 Yen or $38.

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