Grow Your Own Super Mario Brothers 1up Mushroom

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Thanks to the latest advancements in genetic manipulation, Japanese scientists have created a new form of mushroom that you can now grow on your own. Just add standard potting soil, sunlight, and lots of love and in a few days you'll start to see your own vinyl 1up start to push up from the soil!

At least, that's what you'd convince your co-workers of when you bring in the vinyl pot full of potting soil that you water everyday. Then one day you'd come in early to place the vinyl mushroom in your pot to fool them!

The instructions are pretty simple. All you do is add potting soil to the green sewer-pipe-shaped flower pot, and push the spores deep into it. Soak the soil with water using the dropper, add a squirt of the food solution, and then it's off to a dark location for a few weeks. We left ours in the darkest corner of our server room, and broke out our NES to relive some classic Mario memories. Three weeks later, we checked in on it. To our surprise, what you see in the photo above is what greeted us - a perfect 1up mushroom. Thrilled, we jumped up in the air, punched the ceiling tiles (earning 10 coins).
You can buy them over at Thinkgeek I'm sure for every sale they mite give me 5 bucks :}

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