Electronic Cigarette That Helps People Stop Smoking

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Here is a new kewl gadget I think I should share..
If you are one of the millions of Americans each year who try to quit smoking, you know there are many tools out there to help you kick the habit. Tools like hypnosis, patches, prescription pills, just to name a few, are available to help break the cycle of dependence. One of the options out there that many of you have probably never heard of, is an electronic cigarette.

At first glance, images may come to mind that this device may be some kind of shock therapy device. In actuality, however, the electronic cigarette is a battery powered atomizer. When it is placed in the mouth, a small processor detects airflow and injects a small amount of fluid from a propylene glycol/nicotine cartridge into the atomizer which vaporizes the liquid. In essence, the electronic cigarette looks and behaves like a regular cigarette but delivers nicotine without dangerous by-products such as arsenic, carbon monoxide and tar.

By simulating normal smoking, without the harmful side effects, the electronic cigarette could be a stepping stone to a successfully quit smoking program. The electronic cigarette goes for $59.95 and includes the cigarette, 2 batteries, charger and 6 cartridges of varying nicotine strength. Each cartridge lasts as long as ten regular cigarettes and replacements are only $1 a piece.

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Although a little more expensive, there is also a newer, smaller version of the electronic cigarette that is more the size of a regular tobacco cigarette. This may further help give a smoker the illusion of actual smoking.