Dr.Bill Carney Explains How to Make Vegetable Oil Into Biodiesel

http://www.crunchnow.com/Dr.Bill Carney and his staff at the W.A. Callegari Environmental Center at Lsu campus in Baton Rouge Louisiana hosted a three day workshop on how to produce biodiesel.There was a standing room crowd for the three days of the workshop.Each workshop gave participants an in-depth look at how to make your own biodiesel in the comfort of your home or shop.

Biodiedel is actually very simple to make, Dr.Carney stated. It is made by chemically altering the molecular structure of any organic oil through the use of chemical catalyst and alcohol.

Typically biodiesel is made from animal fats and or vegetable oils,Dr.Carney pointed out.The chemical reaction that occurs through this process breaks down the oil molecules and replaces the glycerin portion of the molecule with an alcohol molecule.

The glycerin then falls to the bottom of the reactor is witch is drained off but then what remains is biodiesel,Dr.Carney noted.For every gallon of oil processed ,you get a gallon of biodiesel in return.Biodiesel is made through a process called transesterification, where vegetable oil is combined with methanol and lye

I would like to add a little something to this story I understand if you take regular vegetable oil and mix it with regular diesel or kerosene it can be used in diesel burning vehicles,If anyone has anything to add feel free to below.

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