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How to Win a iPod Nano and $250.00 massage/Chiropractic Gift card
How to Win a iPod Nano and $250.00 massage/Chiropractic Gift card>
All you have to do to have a chance of winning this marvel of modern technology and Free Gift card is Subscribe to my rss feed by entering your email address below The contest will last 2 weeks so tell all your friends and family to come subscribe to win this free gift pack From CrunchNow and BloggerNoob

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You Will also need to write a blog post about This blog (on your own blog) and mention this competition(you only have to subscribe to Enter this just gives you 2 chances of winning Instead of one)If you Don't feel like Writing or don't know what to write you can simply copy and paste this code below Into a new post.

Note:The more emails you enter and confirm the more odds you have of winning.

Once you’ve done that, come back here and leave a link to your post in the comments to this post. The winner will be chosen at random, so you can say whatever you like about CrunchNow -good or bad!-.

Added Items Below Up For Grabs
*Mark Walsh
*Type Of Donation 125x125 ad For One Month Added to The Lucky Winner's Prize Pack

Update Rachel who won the prize did not respond so the contest is back on for one month.


*This is a Rss competition against me and BloggerNoob
*One person who subscribes wins all the prizes.
*We can add more items as the competition goes on until Friday July 25th at 8pm.
*The more Friends you Tell about This the Greater the chance at winning.

**Donations To Me To Support The Contest**

*This blog is here to showcase the artworks of up and coming talents
*Type Of Donation 3000 Entrecard Credit

*Type Of Donation 1000 Entrecard Credit
*Tech news, personal reviews, and a geek's ramblings.
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*A personal journal of His travels in the Far East
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To Donate Hit the Contact me button or leave a comment below for more Info.
If your donating please send your item or items to me.

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nice, u got things started already. but the image is wrong. the ipod i will give away is the newest model. much smaller and holds more. ;)

Hey Noob I got it going I think I got the correct I pod that your sponsoring now!!

Good luck.

Thank you very much for the Great opportunity !

I wish i could win :)

Thanks again

this is great and I have just signed up by email.

Thanks for submitting your blog to

Thanks for submitting your blog to

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Would love to win it.... read my post, very unlike the rest :-)

I have subscribed to your rss. my email address is youwildrool at yahoo dat com. check out my blog to see your contest. my blog is ty

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SYC is a blogging contest site where you can submit your blog contests. Hope SYC sends you a few extra entries.


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Ok got the contest posted

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Good luck to both of you and may the best man win.

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Gotta love Blog Battles :)

Nice Contest.
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Good Luck everyone

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hi i've juz posted in my 3 blogs.. pls check them out.. :) tnx!

Is this open to other countries such as Philippines? If so, who shoulders the courier fee?

Hi there! I already subscribed via email. Anyweiz, here's the URL of my blog post:

Good luck to all the participnats! :)

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Nice contest!
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The winner will need to pay the shipping and Insurance fees I suppose

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Thats if the contest is outside of the usa

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Come on, come oc, good vibes, I want the Ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ooooooh black hat SEO at its best...

Hey Crunch! I'm in.

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Anyway, thanks and have a good day!


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Wow, awesome contest idea! I'll be reading.

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well, blog walking from indonesia


Hey winners should have been announced by now?

They will be announced late tonight or tomorrow.

Any chance of giving the link to Rachel's post?

Hey Levy,
She just subscribed by mail,I'm planning on having another contest shortly tho.

I think you should publish the results on the HOMEPAGE not on this one.

are you afraid of people that will unSUBSCRIBE from this blog.

How about you just keep thinking and let me run this blog the way I want,I'm not afraid anyone will unsubscribe because I'm about to have another contest anyway

I have entered just now. Did I won or am I late?

Hello everyone the contest is back on due to rachel not claming the prize it will end in one month!!1

So am i getting the chance again to win with the same post.
Will you make a video of drawing.

Thank you.

Gopi I don't have a video camera if you would like to make one u can or if u know someone

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Subscribed and Confirmed using

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WoW we have a second chance, for sure I am in!! This is neat!!

the competition goes on until Friday July 25th at 8pm?

25 July is long past. Do you mean 25 August?

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