Cool Looking Infrared Tracker R/C Car

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Usually when you’re controlling an R/C care you have some sort of remote with a pair of joysticks or a wheel and trigger. Generally the controls are relatively self-explanatory,as you don’t get much more simplistic than pressing a couple of sticks. Apparently there is an easier way, at least with the Infrared Tracker R/C Car.

This cool-looking car is controlled by a “magic dot”,The Vehicle seeks out the infrared light beam and redirects itself and chases the “magic dot” The “magic dot” can be as much as 5 feet ahead of car and car will still follow Complete with rechargeable batteries with up to 20 minutes running time Assembled easily and quickly (a full set of assembly and operating instructions are included)

The car is fairly inexpensive, retailing for $49.95. One thing is for sure, this thing will drive your cat crazy. Can you imagine your cat chasing the dot, with a car following behind?

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