Company Named Violight Makes izap UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

The company that makes the izap (Violight) actually makes several different similar sanitizing products. All of which use UV technology to eliminate 99.9% of the germs. This is the cheapest and most portable, but if you’re looking for something that does several at once, you can check out the site for more. The izap itself comes with a free toothbrush and automatically will start working when you close the lid. It comes in clear, blue and orange and is being sold for $19.95. You can buy it online or at Walgreens.It's great for you when your at home,just purely because of the bacteria in the air in the bathroom. It would also be nice for travelers since research has shown that those that stay in hotel rooms go home with germs and tend to get a cold or the flu..........

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