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If you're sick and tired of running around totally broke while other players get epic flying mounts and the most expensive gear, this information is for you.
Does your guild have a "motto"?
You've probably always wondered why you can't seem to make as much gold as the other players on your server.

I used to wonder the same thing. I thought,

"Where are these people making gold?"

"Are they buying it on ebay?"

"What are they selling?"

So I set out to spy on all the successful players I could find to see just what they did to earn all of their gold.

I spent months using stealth tactics to track high level players everywhere from the auction house to their favorite gold farming spots and back.

I discovered just what it was they were doing to make extreme amounts of gold- and then improved upon their methods myself and even created amazingly profitable new ones.

They never suspected a thing, that is, until I started making more gold than all of them...If they found out that I spied on them- they would hate me even more!

They Laughed at You

I didn't just spy on other players, but I interrogated them as well. Any time I saw wealthy players I would strike up a conversation so I could learn all their secrets for myself.

The most common reaction from these players was to laugh about how easy it was to make gold and how stupid people were for not doing it too. Most of them wouldn't tell me their secrets, but slowly a few of them started to crack and let me have little tips about what they were doing.

I'm NOT Keeping the Secret

Since I've first discovered these secrets, I've spent years improving them, tweaking them, creating my own, and tossing out the ones that no longer work.

I now have numerous level 70 and level 60+ characters all with very healthy amounts of gold! In fact, I used to share my character info right here on this page so I could talk to other gamers like you.

Pretty soon, I was getting thousands of e-mails, tons of in-game mails and probably hundreds of whispers in-game. Things got so crazy- I stopped playing that character! It was totally out of control. Even more amazing...

Gold Sellers Hate Me!

When I started sharing these secrets, I had no idea just how incredibly mad it was going to make the World of Warcraft gold selling companies. I soon found out...

Since first publishing these strategies, I've had my account attacked, been sent hundreds of viruses and trojans (actually this happens pretty much daily) and the corrupt gold sellers even pressured the biggest gaming news sites to pull all my links! (because the gold sellers spend tens of thousands advertising with them)

Frankly, it's extremely dangerous for me to even reveal these secrets anymore- the gold sellers are madder than ever and are doing everything they can to stop me and make my life totally miserable!

But I won't quit that easily.

These Secrets Must be Revealed...

I came up with a solution that would allow me to do what I love (play World of Warcraft) and still share this information.
I know there are millions of players who are frustrated by their total lack of gold. I feel for them because they are exactly where I used to be- broke and frustrated, ready to quit.

I want to give back to the players and the community that's been so good to me...

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