The Superior Couch Potato

There are five key character traits of superior couch potatoes. You really do need to become aware of these critical success factors if you are to master the underground couch potato world.
1. A total lack of interest in the outside world. Any self respecting couch potato has virtually no interest whatsoever in venturing out doors. There is no point since all your human needs can be satisfied in your living room.

2. The ability to let go of all personal ambition. This is a character trait of the advanced couch potato artist. Very few ever attain this - the ultimate goal. Still, hold it in mind as your vision of nirvana.

3. Fight club rules apply. Remember, nobody talks about the couch potato lifestyle. It is a way of life to be enjoyed for its own sake. Do not glorify it or use it to satisfy the ego?s need for adulation.

4. Resist nothing. Let in your need to be. Be and do not do. This is couch potato tao at its finest. Experience the moment, devour those snacks, enjoy your chilled beer and lose yourself in TV. Be!

5. Drop your status needs until you no longer have any materialistic drive. This is important. If you spend hours every evening watching TV you need to let the adverts. wash over you without getting caught up in the need to acquire.

The same applies when lavish lifestyles are presented in movies and serials. In most cases you are being encouraged to drop the higher path of pleasure and relaxation for a world of effort and striving. Be very careful at these moments to stay true to your ideals.

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