Soon 3D Body Scans Will be at Airport Security

A group of scientists are working on a new way to identify people and objects through their physical characteristics. If successful, the biometric technology system could be widely used at airport security checks, in museums and by film studios.

Shortly after graduating from university, the three friends - Sergey, Gleb and Andrey - set up a company which creates 3D scanning technologies for human recognition through biometrics – the science of identifying people through their physical characteristics.

Their system identifies a person moving through security control either in an airport, or a building entrance. But the difference from the technologies already is use is that it allows people to quickly move through without stopping for individual checks.

This system provides 3-D images of objects and can be used by museums to put up images on their websites. Archaeologists will be able to use it to store information on objects that can easily be destroyed. The technology also provides another way for film studios to create 3D robots.

3D scanning systems will soon to start operating in sports centres around the Russian capital. It will allow people to measure body size and keep track of the way their bodies' change throughout the training process.

Meanwhile, one of the systems is already being used to take photos for biometric passports using iris recognition technology. Biometric passports are not only more secure, but allow easier travelling. It is a step closer to visa-free travel and also another way to combat terrorism.

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I didn't know they were going to go that far with airport security.

Last time I took a plane trip was 19 years ago. And that may be the last time period, with the prices skyrocketing.

Yeah Kellie,
They are about to go just that far I don't know why besides money for the inventors.