Robot Infested World Addiction to Bots

Robots are an inescapable reality.They can be seen everywhere, just by knowing what to look for.When a new program or service comes out I'm almost certain most of you Google the name and try to find a robot to help do the job a little easier.
The type of world people are living is a world where everything should be done with easy and the least work possible.Some go even further then just normal robots they want to build sex bots.The robot would know it was on the right track when it saw brain activity in the appropriate areas, and continue the successful strategy.
But wouldn't people find love and sex with a machine lacking in emotional connection? Perhaps, but that probably won't stop us, just as it doesn't stop people from visiting prostitutes.This will continue to the last days on earth and be a very fun filled place where you can have robots respond to your every move.

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