Review Of Thoughts

Thoughts or Is a 100% free online blog community with added on features that you won't find on other blog sites including unlimited bandwidth, photo, video and podcast sharing, community forums and live news discussions. They started as a place for people to share their thoughts. It has quickly developed into an online community of bloggers world wide.

The actually site is a nice clean Web 2.0 designed site.It's laid out neat and fairly easy to find my way around on the site.The header is short and simple I have included a picture below.

What can you do on Thoughts? Well you can do all of the following according to the site.

* Create Blog Posts
* Share Photos & Videos
* Share Music Files & Podcasts
* Post in the Forums
* Discuss Current News
* Meet New People

What sets apart is how there roots are grounded in the community. The user rating system allows your fellow members to rate each of your blog posts, photos, podcasts and video blogs. They then calculate a weighted average to determine your overall user rating. Most active members with high average user ratings are eligible to win an all expense paid retreat to a fun new location every year. These will be trips you don't want to miss. In 2007, The company went to Las Vegas!

Now with all that Said I rate this site about a 8.5 overall.
I would suggest sign up and try it out leave comments on How you like the site.
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