iRobot Builds Hole-squeezing Spy Robots For Pentagon

Pentagon eyes hole-squeezing spy robots
U.S. robot producer iRobot has announced it is developing a soft flexible robot for the Department of Defense. The so-called Chemical Robots will be able to manoeuvre through openings smaller then their actual dimensions.Photobucket iRobot Builds Hole-squeezing Spy Robots For Pentagon

ChemBots will be used for reconnaissance and search and rescue operations in urban areas.

The multi-million dollar multi-year project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will involve scientists from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“Through this programme, robots that reconstitute size, shape and functionality after traversal through complex environments will transcend the pages of science fiction to become real tools for soldiers in theatre,” said Helen Greiner, co-founder and chairman of iRobot.

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