Hoax Nuke Explosion Lands Artists in Trouble

Three artists who showed a hoax nuclear explosion on a Czech TV channel have been fined more then $US 3,000.hoax nuclear explosion

The artistic group, Ztohoven, hacked into the station’s morning broadcast to show fake footage last year, according to the AFP news agency.

The state channel had been showing scenic views of the country when the footage was used.

In a seamless switch the 39-second clip fooled terrified viewers by showing the hoax explosion at the same location - a bright flash followed by a characteristic rising mushroom cloud of a nuke blast.

Then the camera apparently went out of service and the channel switched to another one.

The artists said their action was aimed at waking Czechs ‘from lethargy’.

Earlier a city court had cleared the artists of scaremongering charges, but prosecutors challenged the decision in a court with higher authority.

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