High Cost Of Healthcare Resorts to Man Purchasing Medications From Veterinarian

http://www.crunchnow.comToday I would like to discuss something that needs to be brought to the public attention and my readers attention.The other day my friend and I where sitting around just talking about the rising care of health care and prescription drugs in the USA.
About that time I brought something up about how I personally offset the cost of health care,doctor visits,wait time,etc,You see I told him I simply go to my local vet to get medications for well my "pet" In fact the pet is Myself.I would otherwise shell out a few hundred dollars for the medications.Most of you don't know or never even thought of how much time and money this simple way of doing things saves.

Anyway a person can get anything from penicillin to stuff like Etodolac for pain these are more frowned upon drugs but can be purchased cheap at your local Veterinarian.
I'm not in any way telling you to go to a vet for your medication but simply stating what I personally have to do to obtain A Hard Working American's heath at a reasonably price.

Whats our world coming to when people are forced to take measures of this extreme in America,I would like to know what everyone thinks.

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