GreenFuel Technologies Grabs New Chief Executive

GreenFuel Technologies Corp. said today it has recruited Simon Upfill-Brown, a former Dow Chemical executive, to take over as its chief executive July 14.

The Cambridge company is focused on seeking to replace imported oil with home-grown algae.

Upfill-Brown is scheduled to succeed interim chief executive Robert Metcalfe , a founder of 3Com Corp., the Marlborough-based provider of networking products and services, GreenFuel said

GreenFuel said in a press release: "Upfill-Brown comes to GreenFuel from Haltermann Custom Processing, of which he was CEO starting in 1993. After Dow Chemical bought the $50 million Houston company in 2001, he was General Manager of Dow Haltermann until it was spun out in 2008 with international operations employing 435 people and earning $230 million in annual revenues. Haltermann provides specialty chemical manufacturing services, including biodiesel, for which GreenFuel plans to be an algae oil feedstock supplier."

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