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Today I checked my email and Sitting in my Inbox was an letter from entrecard.com
It read "Deleted your account",and at the bottom of the email was "Spam blogs are not allowed".I for one can tell you my blog is far from a spam blog I'm generating over 100,000k page views and they are rising by over 75-125 per day.

Now I got that out let's take for example turnipofpower.com from entrecard one of the best blogs on entrecard I love it, but the blog only gets around 300 views a day the last time I looked that Is.Then you have to look at all these people with hundreds of REAL spam blogs all designed to just earn a few Ec points a day.Come on go fix the real spam blogs entrecard oh wait your buddies with the owners with hundreds of spam blogs.

I been with Entrecard ever since they started I've blogged good things about the company and even offered to give them a server when they first started.Entrecard likes to play around and try to Be-little the very people who are using the service.Entrecard you need to treat people a little better and explain and ask ] questions before accusing them of owning a spam blog.

Enough with entrecard I hate to go like this but it's the best way.

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