Drive Traffic to Your Site Using Funny Videos

Having funny videos can be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site.

There are hundreds of new funny videos popping up on major video sharing sites on the internet everyday. All of this content gets hosted on major video sharing sites for a reason - because they drive traffic. Funny videos draw some of the largest amounts of traffic, because people love to send their friends and family something that will make them laugh.

For a funny video to be effective, it has to be something new that people have not seen before. It has to be something that they want to share with their friends or family. To get original content, you can search through major video sharing websites, such as YouTube, but you are likely only going to find funny videos that have already been seen by thousands, if not millions of people. To get more original content, try looking for websites that are not searched by everyone that may have funny videos. For example, search for college humor sites, you may find some guys from a dormitory have a video up of some pranks they have pulled. Once you do start get original content, you will find that it will drive traffic to your site. Sometimes just one funny video can drive in tones of visitors.

10 simple hints to ensure you have a good funny video:

1) Don't use a funny video that has already been seen by millions 2) Try to find a funny video that makes you laugh. 3) Videos that are funny, sexy or shocking have large appeal 4) Include your website name in the funny video if possible 5) Make your viral video controversial and cause a stir. 6) Funny videos that relate to recent media events do well 7) Make sure your funny video is hosted on a good video sharing site to avoid slow playback when you start to get a lot of visitors 8) You funny video should contain hate towards anyone. 9) You should not find your funny video boring 10) The funny video should only be a couple minutes long

Here is a example of a college prank at the Taco Bell drive through.

No matter what funny video you find to help drive traffic, you should always test it on your site to see how well it does. You never know what you may not find funny, millions of other might!

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