Does Russia Give The U.S. Bad Dreams?

Russian-made rocket launchers and unmanned spy planes pose the biggest threat to American troops in the short-term,Does Russia Give The U.S. Bad Dreams? according to a report by the Army.The assessment looked at affordable weaponry that could target U.S. soldiers in future conflicts, the Army Times reports.

The study called "Asymmetric Threats to Current and Future U.S. Forces" said America’s enemies are likely to use more lethal weapons and advanced combat tactics in the future.

They are likely to use portable vehicle-based mortars, rocket launchers and small arms.

Specifically listed in the report is the RPG 32 rocket launcher produced by a Russian-Iranian company. It’s a mobile weapon with a range of 700 metres. It fires anti-tank, anti-personnel and thermobaric rounds stored in disposable containers.

The report’s authors are concerned that these weapon systems can be fired from aircraft.

Another big challenge is the wider availability of unmanned aerial vehicles worldwide. With the price of the technology dropping, UAV’s could be used in swarm attacks. The report said Russia’s military are exploring such tactics.

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Most countries that sell arms to the highest bidder end up causing unintended problems down the road for both friend, foe and civilians. Sure would be nice if people put more effort into getting along and being peaceable.