Cool A Room In The Hot Summers And Cold Winters With a Split AC

The benefit of a split AC is that it can be used to cool a room in the hot summers as well as to heat a room in the chilling winters. Split air conditioners are not simply a seasonal investment. The size of the air conditioning unit is small in comparison to the other traditional air conditioners. These small size units come as a boon in the space crunched city flats.
Generally, a split AC is a unit supposed to control the temperature within a small area of about 400 square feet. However with the improving technology, split ac units that have the ability to cool or heat areas larger than 400 square feet have been designed. Today the split system air conditioners are built with higher energy efficiency in comparison to the smaller portable air conditioning units. Majority of the mini split air conditioners today have such high energy efficiency that they are perfect for small areas. The power consumption of these units is not very high.

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is an important aspect to be noted that is measured in tones. This is the total ability to cool. The energy efficiency ratio is the value that compares the cooling efficiency of the AC to the amount of power the unit consumes. Therefore the machines with higher EERs will save more power.

The compressors fitted in the AC are responsible to circulate the refrigerant, to all the refrigeration system parts. They help in providing uninterrupted cooling in the room. There are three different types of compressors the ‘reciprocating’, ‘rotary’ or ‘scroll’ that are installed in the split AC.

The split ac also has the ability to remove moisture from the room as it cools the air. The moisture removal is measured in ltrs/hr. This feature helps make the room more comfortable by decreasing the humidity. This is one reason why air conditioners are preferred in humid areas instead of air coolers which are more preferred in drier regions.

There are different types of filters in split ac that clean the air that flows through it. The deodorizing filter absorbs all the odour generating particles from the room and keeps the air in the room fresh. The anti fungus or bacteria filter removes the bacteria and fungus from the air that passes through it. This sure comes as a blessing for people with respiratory problems. The ionizing filter and the electrostatic filter generate negative ions and electrostatic fields respectively. With the help of these they clean the dust and germs from the air and make them odorless and fresh.

Apart from these technical benefits, there are the aesthetics that add on to give an outstanding end product. Some models have anti corrosion body which adds on to the beauty and acts as a protective shield to the valuable inner mechanisms. The modern ACs have a digital temperature control which makes it more user friendly. The remote control provided along with it adds on to the comfort of using it. Air swing, auto restart and timers are some of the other general features that are available in the split ac.

Generally, split unit air conditioners come with a line set that is used to connect its indoor components, which mount on the wall, to its outdoor components, which are its compressors. Installing this unit is on an average very easy, mainly because Split Acs come fully charged with their coolants. A split ac that is charged before hand does not require any chemicals or refrigerants to be added during installation.

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