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Digg is used to discover and share content from anywhere on the internet. It can be done by voting for some news, submitting and commenting on others news or story.
So your searching for free traffic if you landed on this page,I personally love to use digg for 50-150 unique viewers per day.digg traffic

Can someone actually use Digg to get free traffic to a website? It’s quite controversial; on the one hand there are many who believe it’s hard. And on the other hand some people have been successful. It looks like people have extreme opinions about it. Here success lies in being at the first page of the site. If your content is on the first page you are sure to expect hundreds if not thousands free visitor at your site. It is worth giving it a try as it does not require investing money; yes we do need to invest time.

One can submit content to Digg, and then rely on other people to vote for it. That is what Digg is; to be on the first page one needs fairly good number of votes. There is a tough competition here. If you can get someone else to submit the content, that is better, and will give you a higher chance of getting the votes.

Key is to attract the reader's attention quickly. This means that having an interesting headline and quality content. Readers are likely to read limited number of articles only. One needs to give them a compelling reason to read.

Focus on topics which are current and hot right now, you are likely to get higher votes. Also remember that readers are more likely to vote for something which can solve any of their problems or add any value to their knowledge level. So if you write keeping readers in mind you will certainly get higher votes and ranking on first page, which will in turn bring free traffic to your website.

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