Baby Returned Back Into Mothers Womb

It may sound unusual, but Macie Hope McCartney was born twice.Baby Returned Back Into Mothers Womb The baby, who is now one month old, was returned to the womb after surgery, only to have a second arrival 2 months later, reports the MSNBC news channel.

Keri McCartney was 23 weeks into pregnancy when an ultrasound scan revealed the foetus had a noncancerous tumour. It was the size of a grapefruit – and almost as big as the foetus itself.

Normally a tumour like this remains small and can be treated after birth, but this was not the case for little Macie Hope. It grew rapidly and was threatening the baby's life as it was stealing nourishment from the foetus. Surgery was the only option.

Doctors put Keri into deep anesthesia to completely relax her womb and extracted about 80 percent of Macie Hope's body - leaving only the head and upper body in the womb. Then they quickly removed the tumour and put the foetus back, since exposure to air could provoke a cardiac arrest. This part of the four-hour-long procedure lasted about 20 minutes.

The choice of the middle name for Macie Hope turned out to be quite fitting. Ten weeks later on May 3 she had her second birth. The girl still has a large scar on her bottom, which surgeons say can be removed when she is older. In every other regard she is a perfectly healthy baby.

The head of the operating team said a surgery like this has been successfully completed fewer than 20 times around the world.

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