As It Is in Heaven

God longs to give you a glimpse of heaven while you are here on earth. He wants to show you His wonderful plan and bring it to pass in your life. Have you ever thought about how God’s will is accomplished in heaven? In heaven, God’s will is automatic. There are no opposing forces of darkness or anything that would come against His will. On earth, His will is activated in our lives when we first make Jesus our Lord and Savior; and then we must choose to come into agreement with His will on a daily basis through our thoughts, our words and our actions. On earth, we have to stand against the forces of darkness. We have to refuse those negative, self-defeating thoughts. As you open your heart to the Word of God and invite His will to be done in your life, it says in Ephesians 6 that you will be empowered by your union with Him. As you declare what God says about you, you will overcome all opposition, and you will see God’s will in your life as it is in heaven!


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