9 Tips To Get a High Blog Ranking

Blogging is fun. Getting your blog set up is fun too. The hard work that often comes after this involves getting the blog out on the right footing to gain identity on the internet and the all important traffic. It is important for the blogger to pave the way for visitors and help them to the blog. This should be the case if any blogger wants to locate people online
Information can be easily searched for on the web. Blogs prove to be popular sources of information. Most people will make use of search engines for their information search, and this trend will remain to be so. The blog must therefore be optimized in the eyes of search engines, if it wants to be visible to information-searching people. Blog ranking deserves serious consideration.

There are certain valuable guidelines that will help your blog to rank well:

(1) Aim for more links

More incoming links to your site will impress the spiders of the search engines. These links must be of quality and bear relevance to the content of your blog. They should preferably come from sites with higher rankings, as this will positively affect your own ranking. These links will undoubtedly drive up traffic to your site.

(2) Be the owner of your domain

It is beneficial if you can obtain the domain name for your personal name. Similarly, try to get the domain name that will match your product name or company name. This is another technique that will improve your blog ranking as far as search engine ranking algorithms are concerned.

(3) Opt for short domain names

It certainly pays to have shorter domain names, for instance www.funny.com. It is easier to remember and is easily recognizable. The domain name readily informs the reader what the site is all about.

(4) Be unique

In choosing a name for your product, aim for uniqueness. This will attraction attention from visitors. It is important to differentiate yourself, even in the choice of a name.

(5) Get the right keyword placement

The keywords must be placed high on the page where it is clearly visible to visitors. They should be the text first greeting the visitors. They should also preferably be in large and bold font, as this will capture attention.

(6) Make dedicated pages

Every product offered should have a dedicated page. Even your personal biography should similarly have one. This makes linking easier for the visitor.

(7) Insert your full name in links

When you do have "About the Author" page, remember to insert your complete name in the link to read as, for instance, "About Alex Jones". This shows professionalism.

(8) Show respect to names

It would be wise to use complete names throughout the length of the page or post. For example, in the bio for Alex Jones, it would be respectful to use Alex Jones instead of "Alex" or "Jones" if "he" is no longer used in the text.

(9) Linking back to your site

If you are on another site, say, MySpace, always remember to firstly link back to your own site, and secondly create a link to the title of whatever you may be promoting on your site. Readers will be redirected to your site in both situations. Traffic will gradually increase.

Good content and easy navigation within the blog are important to visitors. To increase traffic, visibility of the blog must be improved. That said, efforts must be put in to get good blog ranking.

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