2 Geeks Builds Muti Million Dollar Robot!

What I am about to share with you, is a very unusual story.

Unusual... because it is about 2 "geeks", named Michael and Carl. Who developed the first commercially available stock picking "robot". Michael (the programmer) named the robot "Marl".

Michael and Carl
Above: Carl and Michael Programming "Marl"

Marl came about after Michael developed the famous "Global Alpha" computer stock trading model, while contracted to Goldman Sachs.

A piece of software which most years is responsible for...

$4,000,000,000+ Annual Trading Profit

With this software project completed, Michael looked for a new way to line his pockets. Unfortunately he had signed a Non Compete and NDA agreement with Goldman Sachs, forbidding him to create software which trades derivatives and similar financial instruments (like Global Alpha).

After 3 weeks of being temporarily unemployed, Michael who was very wealthy and very bored... Decided to start a new project.
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You' see Goldman Sachs and most other large investment funds are at a major disadvantage. They often manage portfolios of up to $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dollars) - and because of this when they invest in stocks their scope is limited to just a few of the worlds largest firms (Coca-Cola, Google).

This problem is widespread amongst fund managers whom manage large amounts of capital. In fact Warren Buffet (Whom manages $53 billion) has the exact same problem.
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You do realize this is a scam. After checking the link and doing some research you find that the office address shown in the ad is the exact address for a USAbox mailbox service.

All I did was write a post about them.