Stand Up People

We need to examine our lives as men and women. The pain we have in life is the direct result of the breakdown of family. Marriage is an assignment. Two people are to look at one another and recognize who each is in God and understand that they are supposed to build each other in that. But what happens today is that many women wake up every day trying to figure out what my man should be doing for me. For men what is really corrupting society, is that there are no fathers and mentors.

There has to be a patriarch who understands that he must be an example. He must provide leadership and teach. Young people are lost because there is no covering, no wisdom. We, as men, have to come outside of our homes and spread ourselves; these boys and girls need to be touched with truth, not lies.

Men, Take Heed... In the beginning, God fathered man. He mentored man. He taught man before He gave him a woman. We need to do something about mentoring men. In Genesis, it says, she took its fruit and ate it, and she also gave to her husband and he ate. At this moment, Adam failed to protect his wife.

God has lifted us up to protect what has come out of us; when we fail to do that, we loose a curse. Adam knew what was right, but he didn't speak up, and he didn't do anything about it. Adam was more concerned, at that moment, with keeping harmony with his wife rather than keeping harmony with God.

There are times you have to take a stand. You know that you are led by God, and you understand what His word says, so you have to stand in that direction. It's a lot of pressure. Men, I charge you today, if you need to read and study anything, it needs to be scripture. To turn this nation around, a man must study the word of God, and say when the scripture is misquoted.

Men, we are responsible for standing up and taking our rightful roles... as mentor, father, role models. God is going to hold us accountable. All of the pain going on in society... women have been abused by us, used by us, all of this AIDs stuff... We've got to give an account to God. And the children... we're responsible for wherever they end up. I don't care if it's your child from birth or not.

We're responsible.

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