Review Of is a text link exchange that lets you promote each other on the web.The header looks short and simple,but the lay-out It’s a typical Blogger blog.The site appears to be new and under construction.The color scheme is particularly good looking and basic.

But enough about the design and lay-out, let’s talk content. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Does it give me information about How to get some free traffic and promote my sites, YES!!

Well you get 1000 impressions when you sign up,real-time statistics and if you
want you can refer other blogs and earn some more credits.So how does all this work well first you sign up here, - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10) then get a small html code you can place the code wherever html is accepted,they offer 1:1 click exchange.You can also Choose the categories of blogs where you want your text ad to appear.They offer More than 10 different CSS style's of different colors to accommodate your blogs background.The only thing not allowed is sites that contains adult material.

All in all I really like this new site and suggest to give them a try and remember everything they offer is Absolutely FREE!

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