The Choice for Heaven

Where is our true home? What is our true home?

In spiritual terms the idea of home suggests Heaven. In addition, this suggests certain traits and characteristics that belong to people or beings that would live in Heaven. What choices would they make? Are these choices the same as we would make?

What do people know?

People can become absorbed in achieving, being or gaining 'something' in this world. Often they set out to 'make something' of themselves. They make this 'something' against a backdrop of standards and values originating from the family, culture and the world they find themselves in.

So how do they know these standards and values will create true happiness? Usually they don't know; they assume they know or they resign to not knowing and just choose what seems best to them.

How do you choose?

How often have you questioned yourself about the choices you make?
What standards and values do you use to choose what is best?
Do you choose that which pleases you the most?
How big a percentage does self-interest play in your choices?
How often do you consider the interests of the group you are in (humanity for example)?
Have you decided (yet) if you are worthy of experiencing fulfilling results?
Do you seek standing or comfort in the choices you make?
Do you play the odds and choose what looks like the best option?
How clever are we?

How do we know what is best for us? Is it arrogance to assume we know what is best when there is so much we do not know? Arrogance can be useful, but not as a way of life. Clearly God would direct us to adopt two core values to guide us in our choice-making: love and truth. Would God operate with anything less?

What would God ask us to do; given the limited extent of what we can know -- as opposed to what we think we know?

What can we do?

The following points represent an approach to living on Earth that aligns with life in Heaven.

1. Ask God (the great unknown beyond our immediate awareness) for clear guidance. Belief in God is not a requirement; openness to the possibility of God is.

2. Examine honestly our circumstances and make choices aligned with what truth we can identify. Honest examination includes our own responses to what is going on.

3. Become skilled at identifying what the truth is, rather than religiously sticking with our opinions of what is truth. (This can include asking God to help us and show us the truth.)

4. In the spirit of a loving God, add love to the truth we find. Why? Because love is a force: it has impact. The impact of unconditional love is something that has to be experienced for its value to be understood. It is a choice: is your life richer with or without love?

5. Become adept at adding love - without some condition having to be fulfilled.

Both you and (a loving) God can embrace this approach. The inhabitants of Heaven would feel at home with this approach. What core values do you base your life upon?

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