Website Traffic For Dummies

How do you get targeted traffic to your website? There are two answers to that question, buy it in the form of pay per click (PPC) or organic search engine traffic. Keep in mind search engine traffic is exactly that, they are searching. What they are searching for is hopefully that which you can deliver. That is what keyword research is all about, giving the right result for any particular entry made by the surfer in the little search box on the engines.

This is true for both, sponsored and organic listings. Sponsored meaning paid for and organic free. High ranking on the sponsored listings can be achieved more easily in theory but does cost money. This is done by bidding on a particular keyword to give a high ranking result in the sponsored listings. It can be a very expensive learning curve for the newbie but with practically instant results.

The organic listings on the other hand give slower results but longer lasting and for free. This can be achieved by search engine optimization practices. Which is a rather debatable subject and there is more than one way to skin a cat. Apologies to all animal lovers. What is meant here is search engine optimization is too vast a subject to be discussed fully in this article. There are loads of books and courses on the matter and plenty of articles written about it as well.

Notice that earlier when PPC was mentioned no reference was made or intended that you should buy guaranteed traffic. Guaranteed traffic is a total waste of money not to mention time, because this is not targeted traffic and therefore they are not looking for that, which your website has to offer. Best to spend your money on a PPC campaign.

Attracting targeted visitors by other means like search engines, article directories, blogs, rss feeds, forums and back links from other websites is all time consuming but the results far out last any so called guaranteed traffic. Even giving away a free report or ebook as long as it has value and quality, will have the visitor wanting to return to your website because you gave value and quality, too see what else you have to contribute to quench their thirst for knowledge on the particular subject of your website.
Although PPC does give instant targeted traffic, you have to take into account it does cost and is it effective? Meaning, are you paying more per visitor than getting paid for any sales made in the campaign? This is another downside to PPC apart from the dollar cost you will have to keep a close eye on the campaign at all times. It can really run away from you and cost an arm and a leg long before you realise it, that has and will happen again to the unwary.

In conclusion, getting targeted traffic from the organic search engine listings is a more viable option to any other technique. Although results do take time it is well worth it in the long run and the results have a lasting effect. If used in conjunction with the organic listings, PPC could be utilized for some quick targeted traffic to sustain the website whilst you are waiting on the organic results to start driving traffic to your website. But only if you know what you are doing with PPC and weighed up the costs involved.

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veryb good article, i agree w/ you-people that are selling speciality items, or a niche then it may be worth a ppc campaign; but the guys who write about their day, like to see that statcount rise!