VuMe | Make it. Post it. Profit! Revenue Plan


If you love to post online media content, whether to your MySpace profile or on YouTube, why not go “pro” and make some bucks off your creativity? The idea behind VuMe is that users can post their videos, images, blogposts and audio to the site and earn a cut of the revenue based on how much revenue their content generates for the site. You can essentially get a few bucks for your creativity. To get started just register on the site. Your work will be displayed in the “recently submitted” category, where other users can vote on it. From there, you might bring in revenue if your work is given high ratings and frequently viewed. VuMe will pay you $ for every 1,000 hits obtained on your photos, audio and videos. The revenue is added together from all of your media into your earnings, which you keep track of online in your site account, and distributed once a month.

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