Do Not Pass Go or Collect $200.00 Monopoly Game Went Bad

Four people have pleaded guilty to reduced charges in the death of a teenage runaway killed during a Monopoly game.PhotobucketIn April, The Hartford police found the battered body of Alexandria Clouse-Desmond,in a microwave oven box in a closet in a Hartford apartment.
Prosecutor John Fahey said the original murder charges were reduced because all of the suspects suffer from some form of mental illness!! Hum it sounds like it....
The police said Desmond was beaten, kicked, stomped and strangled in an altercation that erupted during a Monopoly game,She died from asphyxiation.I guess she doesn't get to pass go or collect $200.00


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Wait a minute - they stuffed her into a microwave oven after???

Really weird.

I don't like that game anymore since I learned how to play "Cashflow 101" because the latter is more realistic and less cut-throat...

I didn't just write that did I?


Pam Hoffman

Um, maybe they were playing with real money then? But damn, if it was play money, that must have been a stupid ass fight!