Voxant's Newsroom Revenue Plan

Voxant's Newsroom is the premiere online news site of Voxant's New Media Network. Voxant unlocks new markets for content providers and advertisers around the world by helping them get their news content found, played, and paid for on the millions of websites and blogs that comprise the “long tail” of the Web. Through Voxant's Newsroom and its viral syndication technology, Voxant distributes and promotes news from more than 200 credible, licensed content sources. Network affiliates include CBS, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, MTV, NHL, AFP, and HowStuffWorks, as well as a variety of website publishers and bloggers.

Website Publishers and Bloggers

Voxant's Newsroom provides access to hundreds of thousands of fully licensed news stories that can be published, or embedded, on your site. Embedding content from major content providers such as CBS, the Wall Street Journal, AP, and Reuters allows you to:

* Make money via advertising revenue share.
* Keep relevant, timely news on your site.
* Attract more visitors to your site and keep them there.

If you are a website publisher or blogger who wants to earn money by embedding quality news on your site, simply join Voxant and start embedding.

Here is how you get paid! When video news content with an advertisement is played by your viewers, you'll earn a flat-rate CPM (cost per thousand plays). Additionally, you will get paid when a text article or an image you embed is rendered or drawn on the page with an accompanying advertisement. All our payments are calculated using a CPM (cost per thousand). This means for each video play or text or image impression, you are earning a fraction (1/1000) of the flat rate. In other words, when you have 1,000 views of a single text article with an ad, you earn $1. As a registered participant of Voxant's Newsroom, we track your success. Each time you login, be sure to click on myRevenue to chart your earnings!

They only want 3 items per page to reduce on fraud.

Each time you login, be sure to click on myRevenue to chart your earnings!

See our CPM payout structure below.

CPM On Your Site

CPM On Referred Site
Video Feed

Video Story

Text Story



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