Win 500 Entrecard Credits & Cash


This is a really simple and fast contest to join,no reviews to write or anything like that.The contest will run until I get 150 New RSS Feed subscribers!!

The prize will be cash from all donations threwout the contest and 500 entrecard credits.If you don't know what entrecard is go to

There are 2 ways to get entries listed below

1. subscribe to my rss feed

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2.Join Moola Join Moola Here

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Once I get 250 new rss feed subscribers I will award the winner with all the money raised through the paypal Donate button to the right>> and 500 entrecard credits.

The Winner Of My last contest is....
Pam Hoffman of
She won 500 entrecard credits from me
Pam Hoffman's Win

20 New Comments:

Darn I already subscribed last time around and I'm already a member of Moola.. :(

I subscribe already and drop you my card...check it out...

great your still in the contest!! who knows you mite win


Subscribed and dropped my card. Thanks!

Subscribed and dropped. How many are you upto now?

i have dropped my card :P


I'm currently up to just 23 new people sence i started The contest.
a few days ago.

When i reach 150 more Im thinking of upgrading the 500 credits to 1000!!

What do yall think of that idea?

I subscribed to your feed and dropped you a card.

Thanks :)

Dropped my card.


subscribed by email and dropped my card.

subscription: ciscomatisse (at) gmail (dot) com

cool contest, dropped my card :-)

That's a neat idea :)

I (on the second day) start getting the hang of this entrecard thingy :)
It actually is fun - an easy way around to find neat blogs.

If you care for some linklove, just drop me a note over here ;)
(No, you don't have to add me as well ;) )
Just let me know which category your blog best fits to make things easier for me:

This contest is featured at >>The fastest-growing Entrecard forum on the internet.
Good luck to everyone!

Dropping a comment. Good luck!

I'm probably way late but that's okay. Subscribed to your feed, Dugg your article, sent for an invitation to Moola and dropped my card. Waiting for you card to come my way too! :)

I subscribed and dropped you a card. :)

I am in. Signed up for RSS Feed and dropped a card.

I subscribed. Maybe this time I'll be lucky. Some day, some time my ship will come in! LOL

subscribed and commented. Great idea :)