John Chow Can't Do This

I simply posted a video on myspace showing people "How to Put A Egg In A Bottle"
Well least to say I got over 320,000 Hits from a simple video In one day!

Eat your heart out John.


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Now THAT is trippy.

I think I know how it works though..


Pam Hoffman

p.s. thanks for the 'recommendation' on EC!! that was sweet. :)

why do we want to put the egg in the bottle ? hehe

ok can you put elephant after this

Now he can, after watching this video.

Of course, it helps if you soak the egg in vinegar so that the shell is rubbery soft first, but they kinda forgot to mention that part.

now just imagin a video with 2 eggs in a Bottle
640,0000 hits day?!

John Chow is not so important, a know lot's of people that never ear any think about john... but knows this video.

Now try it with an egg that's not hard boiled!

another success marketing strategy.

I have done this when I was in school but how to get it out?

Thanks for the help. I have rtd the favor. Cheers. Cool trick!

Nice one!! And you got that many hits for your vid? Thats crazy!!!

Gerri that was the first day i posted the video i got 320,000 hits now i currently have these stats.

This is the link to my profile.

Plays: 542,044
Comments: 2,989
Rating: 91% (4,194 votes)

Right on nice work. The post and the idea. The actual video is not what this post is about.

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