Welcome to Moola, the web's first "AdverTournament"TM!
Feel free to read through our introduction to the site below or click here to start playing right away. For help at any time, please visit the "Help" topics topics in our Moola Forum or check out our FAQ by clicking on the "Help" link located in the footer bar of the website.Here's a quick intro to some of the main sections of the site (which are conveniently accessible in the top header bar of the website):

1. My Account:
This section contains all of your personalized account information including your profile, your account balance, your account transactions and access to your Message Center. (The Message Center allows Moola to send personal and general messages to you without over-utilizing your personal email address).

2. Booster Zone:
This section is for members who are looking for a quick boost up the Moola Tower. Get up to $36,000 with Moola's Search and Win feature (located at the top of the website) by receiving random bonuses whenever you search the web. Get over $150.00 into your account by participating in the (many free) offers in our Featured Cash Back Deals section or if you're an online shopper, get over 25% cash back for shopping through our Booster Mall.

3. Referral Program:
This section contains everything you will need to know about the Moola Referral Program; a highly rewarding system which allows you to invite friends and earn serious cash when your friends, their friends, and their friends' friends play Moola or receive any booster bonuses.

4. Play Now:
Click on this icon to get in the game! You will be directed through a series of simple steps including choosing your level, choosing your game, watching a short ad and finally getting matched with another player and playing a real time head to head game. Game winners will continue climbing and winning. Others will start over for free.

5. Moola Forum:
Visit the Forum to find out about the latest Moola alerts (ie. when cash outs are processed, site maintenance alerts, etc), meet other Moola members, interact with Moola's development team and get help.
The user bar underneath the Moola logo contains your personalized real time "snapshot" of the main sections in this site. It displays your username, your current account balance, your referral program allowance and the number of unread messages in your Moola Message Center. It appears on every page throughout the site and gives you quick access to the corresponding sections by clicking on any of its links.

To contact Moola at any time (for bug reports, new suggestions or just to say hello!), click on the green "Feedback" button on the left side of the website at any time.

Enough reading, now start playing!
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Good luck,

The Moola Team

P.S. This message (and all messages in your Moola Message Center) will automatically be deleted after 14 days. To save this or other Message Center letters, simply click on the "fwd to self" link and a copy will be automatically sent to your personal email address.

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