500 Entrecard Credits New Year Contest

Contest: Win 500 Entrecard Credits!!

The Winner Will be Notified by 01/05/08


Entering is easy: Heres how

1. Drop your Entrecard on me = 1 Entrie .
If you don’t know what Entrecard is? Go here and get signed up for free. http://www.entrecard.com

2.Join moola here for 25 more entries
Join Moola Now

3. Join my blogs feed for updates on the contest and see if you won
{Note you get 25 entries to subscribe to my feed here}

Enter your email address:

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4. For people who have entrecard you can send me credits each credit sent gets
10 entries my email is clintpee@gmail.com

That’s it. You can enter once per day, every day until the new year if you want.

As an added incentive each commentt left ill give one more entry!!

17 New Comments:

That sucks about the moola thing, I'm already a member =P Dropped my card

Hey, some lucky dog's got to win it. Might as well be me. :)

I am in sean@seantheblogger.com


To join the 500 Entrecard credits weekly give-away, you have to write an entry about it here on your blog with the required linked keywords, post the link of your entry on this blog post: http://www.belolats.com/2007/12/500-entrecard-credits-weekly-giveaway.html

and then send a blank email with the subject "500 give-away" to belolatsdotcom[at]gmail[dot]com

thanks :)

Dropped a card, subscribed to your feed and sent ya 10 credits.
Oh and left this here comment.

I joined Moola.. Even i DOn't know it.. And cards drop

Dropped my card and subscribed to your RSS by email. :)

Happy New Year!

dropped a card and joined the big money game jooma thing or whatever it is.
I'll let ya know if I get rich off it! LOL



Hey clint!

Thanks for the offer, count me in.

I enjoyed your comment on my blog, thanks for stopping by!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. i dropped a card and i'll be back for more! pam


can that count as a comment? lols!

btw, nice and simple contest! cheers!

Aye - I might win for once it my life. I dropped my card aswell. :) Love your blog!

I would really like the credits...I'm already a member of moola... :( I subscribed to your emails too... :)

How are you keeping track of so many entries? I mean you have too many rules for getting credits.

I subscribed and dropped. Thanks for the entries.