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Please check out our free "Fast Friend Finder" feature below:


Copy/Paste the above code,Into your Yuwie account with a click of a button you will add hundreds of friends.
(The "Fast Friend Finder" Feature will not work for users viewing your profile through "Internet Explorer".)

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8 New Comments:

Sounds great were do we paste it in yuwie and how do I use that to promote my web design site www.empowermyself.com ?

Well you can put it anywhere for examples you can check out my profile its http://www.yuwie.com/clintp

I personally have it on the "movies" section.

Now to promote your site thats up to you there are many differnt ways

It works great!! Check out all my new friends and the location I posted the link http://ww2.yuwie.com/profile/?id=616917

what does it do exactly? I put it in my profile but I only see a white box.

That can't be right...

I finally got it to work!! See:

I purchased a patch for it and put it on my Zen Zuu page, sign up it's free and check my blog once you register and become a member. The Blog post title is YPC 3.0 copy and paste that and it should work.


I have put in my profile but only see the white box. What is the deal with that? How Do I get it to work properly? I am on yuwie.com/geordiek

I put the code on my yuwie page and I only see a white box. What do I need to get it working properly?

krafty The code may not work anymore or only work on certain profiles I'm sorry!