Review of Everything Web Related

Everything Web Related is a Web Related online blog about new technology on the web.The header looks short and simple, but the lay-out It’s a typical Blogger blog.The site appears to be new and under construction.The color scheme is particularly good looking.

But enough about the design and lay-out, let’s talk content. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Does it give me information about Technology,

The post talks about a new website launched in 2007 that offers online contact management tools to
personalize address books.This is a good subject with click able links making the post useful.

Then further down the post titledAre You Watching The Evolution of Security
is about the innovations in security and
technology for The United States Government’s Transportation Security Administration also known as TSA.This post is also very useful if someone is interested in learning about gov technology making the post useful and Great!

The postYour Opinion Matters
Is one of the better post this would capture my attention to read the blog and further learn about new technology our world has to offer.

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