Review of Xavier Media Blog

Xavier Media Blog Is a great blog about blogging and webmasters.
The blog's main focus is about networking .The design is great,The header looks short and simple.There is a added column for
more ad space but its not "junky" it looks great.

But enough about the design and lay-out, let’s talk content.
Does it do what it is supposed to do? Does it give me information about networking,

*The blog title Altavista Talks about the development of Digital Equipment this is a good start talking
about Technology,but there are no clickable links.

* The blog title Yahoo+microsoft talks about the bid of 44.6 billion Microsoft placed on Yahoo It's a great post with alot
of clickable links.

* The first post "Entrecard problems" is one of my favorites being a entrecard member,it talks about error problems the site
had that day with clickable links and great charts.

* The best post I found was Archive for the ‘PHP & MySQL’ Category witch basically explains how to change a
error 404 page to a site that gets traffic.

This is is rated a 8 this not not bad at all for a site on networking I would suggest anyone
who reads this to visit his site and leave some feedback

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