Revew Of "Thesavril"

Thesavril is your typical celebrity online blog. The blog's main focus is about Avril Lavigne You guessed it, ugly design. The header looks short and simple, but the lay-out. It’s a typical Blogger blog, only modified with a second sidebar to create more space for ads and social bookmarking tools. The color scheme isn’t particularly good looking, but it isn’t ugly.

But enough about the design and lay-out, let’s talk content. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Does it give me information Avril Lavigne,

1.The post Avril to Appear on Chelsea Lately Talks about TV appearance this is a good subject with clickable links making the post useful.

2.Then further down the post titled 2009 Car Models is completely worthless when someone is there to learn about Avril Lavigne.Btw I love the Corvette.

3 The post Is one of the better post this would capture my attention to read the blog and further learn about singer avril.

ok so Let’s rank this blog, Out of 10 I would give this blog a 6.5 Not to bad for a cleberity blog.

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