Powerdropping Dot Com

I know by now everyone has heard of entrecard.com,Now we have site like powerdropping.com to help make things seem a little quicker while dropping your entrcard what they have done is compiled a list of the Three Hundred sites with the card above the fold and the ones that load the fastest.As we all know I created one of the first list about the "How to" drop entrecards the fastest way possible but now ill even try out this new system!!


Here is what the guys at PowerDropping.com said about there new website.

1) To provide a constantly updated resource of the 300 fastest loading websites in the Entrecard community whose Entrecards are positioned above the fold.

2) To reward those websites who both prominently display their Entrecard and keep their load times at a minimum by highlighting them and therefore sending them traffic, Entrecard drops, new readers and new subscribers.

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