Best Autosurfers (Paid-to-Promote)

Here you'll findthe best Autosurf for PTP(Paid-To-Promote) Just click on the links below to join ,some of them have got bonus credits when signing up from 750 credits to 3000 credits

At this point you have the web pages ready with its respective publicities. Now we need to generate traffic towards them. There where the autosurfers come in.

What is an autosurf for PTP
An autosurf is basically a system that one enters an Internet address and it surfs automatically by different pages. Doing this you earn credits. These credits can be exchanged by visits (hits) to others pages we wish. (if you are will be the webpage with the PTP publicities.. Here is a list of the best of the best autosurfers (one credit you is automatically turned in one visit to the page we want.

300 x 250 Box Ad $0.25 CPM

How To Assign Credits

The registration in the autosurf is very simple. You fill a registration form and automatically a confirmation mail is sent to your mail. You have to activate the account through the activation link. It is important to keep a copy of this message because it contains the data of the username and password.

Now you have to add the webpages into the autosurf. Almost all autosurf are the same. You have to seek where it says "sites, add sites, your websites, etc," In that place you use the url of the PTP pages. You will note that it says “confirm the site”. Click there and the page will be opened and a checkup will be performed. Wait for some seconds for the “OK”button. The page will be accepted and ready to be visited.

Now we have to start surfing and accumulate credits. In some autosurfs the credits are automaticaly consumed. In others not. In the last ones, you have to manually allocate the credits to the webpage. Just find the "allocate" button and ditribute them in the pages you have loaded.

The best doono advertising page accepted autosurfs with anti cheat :)
These are the best for surfers for Doono :

Below are some other good ones for Doono but need testing for anti cheat and valid hits:

Best night autosurfers for Paid to promote majority is Banned from PTP but are really crediteaters, that you can use to earn credits for the doono allowed autosurfers or where you promote your url for the paid to promote allowed autosurfers.

PTP (with layer)>

Manual Traffic Exchanges

That's it, good luck with earning

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